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In the BAR & Restaurant

All our music events through the end of April have been canceled.

Our Easter Sunday Buffet has also been canceled.

We are currently offering a ToGo menu and
serving up your favorite dishes to meet your needs better!

Please call: (415) 662-2219

Rancho Nicasio Update
Although all restaurants and bars were asked to close their doors, we have the capabilities of helping our community and employing some people by maintaining and expanding our To Go business for all in proximity.
We also will be able to deliver food to those in need. We hope this will be helpful to many of you in these dire circumstances. Your support will make it possible to continue this service for everyone’s benefit until this crisis passes.

The kitchen will be open for To Go orders from 11:30am to 7:30pm.

We have menus to take home on the premises as well as here on our website.

The General Store will also remain open. Hours will be 11am to 5pm daily. We will attempt to have more useful staples available for the people in the community who don’t want to go “over the hill” to go shopping. If you have suggestions of what would be most helpful, milk, soups, etc., let us know. We will be at the mercy of our purveyors, but will try. To Go food can also be ordered through the Store as usual.

This obviously is geared for all our West Marin neighbors, but anyone who is allowed to take a ride our way to pick up a missed Rancho Burger is welcome.

We wish everyone only the best of health and hope you all find a way to deal with this
current environment as creatively and painlessly as possible.

I will stay in touch as events unfold that affect Rancho Nicasio’s operations.

Be well Amigos,

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